Hello, this is zuugs.

Zuugs is a 'do it yourself' & 'do almost anything' solution for web content. It is structured like a magazine or a book. You can open a Zuugs in a matter of seconds, fill it with your content, add media, and add interactivity for your audience. It is the right tool for content creators.

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Zuugs is all your text and media and more, on the web.

A drag & drop interactive module example.

An interactive video about eSkript, and Zuugs!

Your webspace

For you and you and you. It's as easy as writing an email.

Your content

Add your stuff. Add text, pix, videos and interactivity.

Your experience

Zuugs uses open source and open standards like HTML5.


Look at our model content. Use our trial platform, open a Zuugs.

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A little more about Zuugs

Zuugs can be a webpage, a book, a zuugs. It's just content. It's always around. If you want to share your zuugs, you can make it public or just share with whom you choose. You can embed media that you like and add interactivity to make everything more interesting.

Zuugs is perfect for manuals, educational material, profile pages, diaries,...

Try zuugs for free on our trial platfom and open a zuugs right away. Also, see model content and much more info in the Zuugs about Zuugs.

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If you have feedback or cool wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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