Open your first Zuugs

Made easy

For a new Zuugs webspace (e.g. a new teaching topic) one button has to be clicked, a title has to be given, and the structured space can be filled.

Zuugs does not require any IT competences from your side, it is amazingly easy to use, flexible and we offer extra services for a rounded off experience. You will gain power over your (until now scattered) content and be able to move along with the digital world without any difficulties.

Open your first Zuugs

  • Go to Trial Zuugs
  • Choose “Zuugs (trial)”
  • Register your user
  • Login (follow the link or choose ‘Login’ in the ‘Register’ menu)
  • Under ‘My Catalog’ (in the upper left corner, next to ‘Z’) choose ‘Add A New Book’, follow instructions
  • Fill out the ‘Book Info’ (menu on the left; the ‘Save’ button is at the top!)
  • Under ‘Appearance’: Choose theme: “Zuugs”; Activate
  • Check ‘Sharing & Privacy’ under ‘Settings
  • You can now enter your content! Go to the menu ‘Text’, add a chapter. When entering content, do not forget to save: ‘Publish’/Update’ (red button). The menu ‘Text’ is the one you will use constantly.


If you know German, go and have a look at the ultra short Handbuch Zuugs.


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