For Individuals

You pay yearly to get the space for your content. If you stop subscribing, your content will still be around (for some time) but you will not have access anymore. Before you stop subscribing Zuugs, you can export your content (text, images, videos) and interactive modules.

Subscription per year

One Zuugs My Zuugs My own Zuugs
Annual Fee 20.- 150.- 250.-
Unlimited Zuugs no[1] yes yes
Own subdirectory[2] no no yes
Admins/Authors 1 1 1
Catalogs only 1 only 1 yes
Site[3] zuugs.ch/zuugs/… zuugs.ch/zuugs/… zuugs.ch/[your choice]/…

For Teams

Subscription per year

Our Zuugs Our Many Zuugs Big Zuugs
Annual Fee 750.- 2000.- tbd
Unlimited Zuugs yes yes yes
Own subdirectory
with landing page
yes yes tbd
Admins/Authors max. 5 max. 10 >10
Catalogs yes yes yes
Site zuugs.ch/[your choice]/… zuugs.ch/[your choice]/… tbd

Additional Services

  • Transferring service of material/content to the platform: 20.- to 50.- / A4
  • Oversized files (e.g. copyrighted video files): 20.- to 50.- each
  • Design of interactivity modules (100.-/hour)
  • Professional PDF export: 100.-/Zuugs
  • Adding Google Analytics: 20.-
  • Teaching/Educational support (200.-/hour)
  • Workshops and Consultancy (200.-/hour)
  • Adding plugins/functionality (upon request, tbd)
  • Paying access to your Zuugs for your customers (tbd)
  • Special requests (specific new features, specific layout, additional security, separate server, domain name handling, integration in existing environments, Interface Integration: API/LTI/AD,…) (tbd)

Free Zuugs

  • Go to zuugs.ch/trial/ and try it out! (We delete users and content from time to time.)
  • If you’re a student in Switzerland, go to eskript.ethz.ch and subscribe with your SWITCH AAI Shibboleth account.



Zuugs Pricing PDF


  1. Data storage and access limits may apply, e.g. max. 10 chapters, max. 10'000 words, limited data storage to 50MB
  2. with landing page, i.e Blog page
  3. Why '.ch'? Switzerland has good data privacy protection laws, and the copyright laws for educational purposes are friendly and fair.


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