Zuugs is for Content (Creators)

You’re in the right place if…

…you want your content to be organized in and around itself.
…you want your content to be available to you and, if you want, to others, too.
…you want to use rich media and interactivity in your content.

Zuugs is webspace for content (creators). The content (text, pix, videos, interactivity modules,…) is on the Web. It is in the right medium for instant use and any future purpose (sharing, copying to other platforms, viewing on any device from anywhere).

The content is structured (like a book) and may contain rich media. Zuugs integrates interactivity, is collaborative, fosters review mechanisms and discussions on content. It offers more possibilities for visualisation and contextualisation than standard tools. It can be used privately, in teams or publicly, and easily integrates in existing environments.